What are dryer balls?

Dryer Balls are an earth friendly and family friendly alternative to dryer sheets or fabric softener. Ours are handmade right here in the US of 100% wool. They keep harmful chemicals off of your laundry, and dryer sheets (or fabric softener bottles!) out of landfills.

Bog Berry dryer balls combine form and function. The new heroes of the laundry room reduce drying time, wrinkles, and static, soften clothes naturally. Dryer balls also won’t ruin the absorbency of towels, cloth diapers, and workout gear. Our dryer balls come in a cotton bag that you can use to store them, or better yet: repurpose for another use!

Bog Berry felted wool dryer balls are made with a core of beautiful, freshly carded wool batting sourced from a family run mill in Lancaster County, PA. The colored sets are made with additional wool purchased from a small, family run companies in Maine and Pennsylvania. They’re an investment in our planet, in small business, and in the health of your family.

When not in use, display your dryer balls in a basket or bowl on the table for a beautiful, tactile (and non-breakable!) accent, or throw them in a bucket in the kids room and they’ll be rolling these soft, bouncy, colorful balls under the couch in no time! ?