handmade with love

"Works of art on their own. Beautiful packaging too!"


My clothes are softer

“Ok I have used the balls for a while now and I love them!!!! They do cut my drytime about 30%, and that is with a European no vent dryer! I notice that my clothes are softer and less wrinkled as well! I scent balls with lavender oil, and my whole house gets a scent along with the clothes!”

“Opening a package from Bog Berry Handicraft is such a magical experience…Everything is crafted with so much love and attention to detail. Thank you!”
Shorter drying circle

“These dryer balls are awesome! They shortened the drying cycle by quite a bit (it would take two or even three extra cycles to completely dry a very large load of laundry, now it only needs one!). Can’t wait to try an essential oil with them. I also appreciated her correspondence with me, answering my questions promptly and being super kind.”

Never buying dryer sheets again

 “The wool balls are very well made. I look forward to never purchasing dryer sheets again. Thank you Brooke!”

They're so pretty!

"I can't wait to use these. I was planning to keep these stored away with my laundry supplies but they are so pretty I might have to find a way to display them."

Reduced drying time

"Love these dryer balls! They have reduced my drying time for sure, especially with the cloth diapers that take forever to dry! Thanks!"

“No more wet pockets in my bedding/sheets now that I’m using the dryer balls! These are made so well, too! Thank you so much for the custom order and quick shipping—I’m looking forward to ordering more in the future!”

Great product

“Great product, and one of the most genuine people I have ever met! Couldn’t be more pleased!”

clothes dry fast!

“Love!! Already used… I can’t believe how much faster the clothes are drying!! I will need to buy some for my mom and sister!!”

Less static than normal

 “These wool dryer balls work really well! Less static than normal and definitely cutting drying time. Not to mention, they are pretty to look at!”