Grey Wool Dryer Balls


Our wool dryer ball sets make it easy to green your routine. Keep harmful chemicals off of your families laundry, and dryer sheets out of landfills! Switching to dryer balls will help you make less waste, use less energy (they help your dryer work more efficiently!), cut down on the electric bill (or quarters at the laundromat – I see you city folk! I am You!)

Unlike dryer sheets, our handmade wool dryer balls won’t ruin the absorbancy of your towels, cloth diapers, or gym clothes. Reduce static, wrinkles, and drying time naturally. Our all time best selling Greys come in a little cotton bag, hand screened with info and instructions for use – that way they’re easy to store or give as gifts. We love to see how folks repurpose their bags (they make perfect bulk bin bags!)

  • We work in with other small and family run businesses – wool is sourced regionally, bags printed here in Philly by a small family business
  • Made by hand in the US with Mulesing Free Wool – 100% wool
  • Non toxic and safe for families and pets
  • Helpful for folks with sensitive skin & allergies
  • Unlike commercial fabric softeners, won’t diminish absorbancy in towels, cloth diapers, or athletic clothes
  • As effective as hard PVC plastic dryer balls or tennis balls, but won’t damage cothing or require heating plastic (ew!)
  • Each set comes in a reusable cotton bag, printed with information and instructions for use. That makes giving them as gifts easy, and the bag can be repurposed for another use! We love when folks use them for buying from the bulk section at the grocery store! 
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