Earthy Heathers Wool Dryer Balls


Eco-friendly dryer balls are also perfect toys for babies and pets…and adults! (Do you juggle?)

The colors in this range are earthy and muted- rustic colors that blend nicely with any color palette and style, and are popular across all four seasons.

Bog Berry dryer balls combine form and function. The new heroes of the laundry room reduce drying time, wrinkles, and static, soften clothes naturally – keep harmful chemicals off of your family’s laundry, and dryer sheets out of landfills. When not in use, display them in a basket or bowl on the table for a beautiful, tactile (and non breakable!) accent. Apply essential oils and you have a lovely, soft scent diffuser, throw them in a bucket in the kids room and they’ll be rolling these soft, bouncy, colorful balls under the couch in no time 🙂 Did you know that dryer sheets coat your laundry with a chemical softener that ruins absorbancy? That’s not great news for your towels, cloth diapers, and gym clothes..right?

The value in these dryer balls goes beyond the money you won’t be spending on dryer sheets, and the savings on each month’s electric bill (or the quarters you won’t be shelling out at the laundromat!) They’re an investment in our planet, in family run woolen mill that this wool is sourced from, and in the health of your family. These felted wool dryer balls are made with a core of beautiful, freshly carded wool batting sourced from a family mill in Lancaster County, PA. The colored sets are made with additional wool purchased from a small family run companies in Maine and Pennsylvania.

Our dryer balls are not the largest on the market- and that is a deliberate choice. Bigger is not always better- in this case, repeated use of larger, denser dryer balls can stretch and damage fabric over time. We have carefully chosen the size of our dryer balls to be effective and safe for years of use. Each dryer ball weighs roughly .8 oz and measures about 8 inches around. Size may vary slightly due to the handmade nature of the product.

Please be aware: you may find a stray wool fiber or two on your clothes. This is normal and expected. Just pluck it off and you’re good to go. The balls will felt more with time, and will look a bit worse for the wear with use- pilling and white patches are normal.

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