Savon de Marseille, olive oil soap block


I’ve never written a love letter to soap before, but here we are.

This soap is pretty much my favorite thing in the world right now. and has become a * bit * of an obsession, to be honest. I love tradition, I love beautiful & functional things, and most of all I love a multitasker. This soap ticks every box.
Cooked in traditional cauldrons, and made with only natural ingredients (no animal products, no artificial coloring, and no added fragrance) The scent of this soap is mild and earthy.
Why do we love it?

-This soap is the BEST dishsoap- we have it sitting by our sink on this loofah soap cushion, and we use it with our beautiful ( plastic free!) dish brushes.
-It cuts through grease, and is super gentle on the hands.
-We cut our cubes into a couple slices- one for washing hands in the bathroom, one for using in the shower, one big slice for doing dishes….etc
-You can even make your own liquid soap spray ( or liquid dish soap if that’s your preference) by grating this soap and melting it into water- add an essential oil if you’d like! The resulting spray cleaner is my go-to cleaning product for basically everything. You can play with ratios to make your own body wash, shampoo, surface cleaner, stain treatment….
-Traditionally, folks in France hang or store a slice of this soap with their woolens and linens to repel pests. Are you as charmed as I am?

We ship this soap wrapped lovingly in paper to keep the packaging minimal ( and magical ). Each block is poured and stamped using the traditional method- and they are extremely rustic in appearance. As they age, the color changes a bit, and they may develop a white dust on top- this is just sea salt and can be wiped off. We sell 2 sizes- 300g and 600g cubes. If you plan to use it all over the house like we do, the 600g block slices up beautifully!



These big blocks of olive oil soap have been crafted since the Middle Ages in the South of France. In 1688 it became law that only soaps made according to strict, ancient methods could bear the famous mark “Savon de Marseille.” We have carefully sourced our soap from Le Serail- one of the last remaining traditional soap makers in Marseilles. This original, authentic, hand-crafted soap has been made in the city of Marseille and trusted for generations to provide pure, effective, and gentle care for home and body.

Photos by Tammy Bradshaw Photography