About Bog Berry Dryer Balls:  

 About Bog Berry Dryer Balls: 

We work with other small and family run businesses. The wool is sourced regionally, and the bags are printed here in Philadelphia by a small family business.

Bog Berry Dryer Balls are made by hand in the US with Mulesing Free Wool - 100% wool. They are non-toxic and safe for families and pets, and good for folks with sensitive skin or allergies.

Unlike commercial fabric softeners, dryer balls won't diminish absorbancy in towels, cloth diapers, or athletic clothes.

They're as durable as hard PVC plastic dryer balls or tennis balls, but won't damage clothing or require heating plastic (ew!)

Each set comes in a reusable cotton bag, printed with information and instructions for use. That makes giving them as gifts easy, and the bag can be repurposed for another use! We love when folks use them for buying from the bulk section at the grocery store.

  How it all began...  

Before I knew I wanted to make dryer balls, I knew that I wanted to work with wool. Specifically, I knew that I wanted to have a particular experience: the FEELING of the moment when you tear the paper off of a bolt of freshly carded wool… and it goes POOF… and sort of busts out of the paper. I was determined to have THAT moment, in all of its quiet awesomeness be a big part of my life… and so it started.

After a cringe worthy late night call to a woolen mill (you mean it’s their HOUSE too? no machine? oh…noooooo…..:/ ) complete with a not entirely thought-out line of questioning, “So, do you have wool that is…erm….wrapped in paper? Like, around the middle?” (Really.) Well,THEY DID. The woolen mill people love me now… So, cringe worthy but not disastrous, yes? Wool and I, we were meant to be. New found love of wool met with lifelong love of nature, and commitment to sustainability – Bog Berry Dryer Balls was born.

  • We were a Green Innovator nominee, and took part in a Grid alive segment at Greenfest 2014
  • Bog Berry Dryer Balls was invited to be a founding member of This Good World